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Branding secrets that successful companies know that most do not.

secrets of branding

“Yeah great 50,000 reads on my article but no one clicked it”

A lament from so many small (minded) business owners about their ‘wasted’ spend on branding

If Branding did not work there would be no billboards, no ads on the trains or busses, no adverts on TV or radio, no magazines, because it is so hard for these mediums to give a marketing manager Key Performance indicators to how many even saw it, never mind who took action directly from seeing a TV advert

Consumer at the store: “I am only buying this cos of the advert on TV I saw last night!”

Check out lady: “Hmm yes, how lovely”

Yet big business pay all the time for it WHY??

Call it unfair secret societies, call it the magic circle, there are people out there who just don’t put a foot wrong, they must have some super power right?

Not really, their insight is available to all, just most don’t ask or are bothered to learn!

They understand the power of subliminal digestion!

Let me break this down with the help of a Florida State University study:

Subliminal messages have become a standard tactic for advertising departments to increase sales or even decrease behaviors. A highly publicized study in the 1950’s by James Vicary incorporated a subliminal message in an ad “Drink Coke, Eat Popcorn.” The net effect was an increase in sales after movies at the refreshment box (Russel, Rowe, & Smouse, 1991).

A subliminal message is designed to affect one’s mind or behavior when the messages cannot actually be seen or heard. The self- help corner in the bookstores, CD stores, or pop-ups on internet sites contains advertisements with attention-getting phrases, such as “Stop smoking! by listening to the tape an hour a day”, “Lose weight or learn a foreign language by listening while you sleep”. Companies design these tapes for improving maladaptive behaviors, such as quit smoking, stop bedwetting, improve well-being, relieve pain, gain intimacy, develop creativity, improve athletically, or have financial success.

The most successful businesses latched on to these studies dating back to the 1950’s to show that:

Every single image your eyes confront each day is digested into an internal memory, think of it like a hard drive, the ability to recall this information can be trained or given easily under hypnosis. This is how you can navigate home whilst looking at your phone and not even recall your steps getting there!

Smart business know that by putting their messages in front of you as often as they can means the consumer will build up  trust in your brand even though  they honestly believe they did not see your messages!

Neuro Linguistic Programming NLP (the power of mental re-programming through suggestion by mirroring and anchoring) is so powerful it comes with a warning as it can quite easily be used for nefarious purposes. Studies revealed such a powerful effect on people and argue that subliminal persuasion and other applications of subliminal stimulation should be investigated, not ignored. It also present arguments for why it is impossible, or at least difficult, to maintain that all (important) behavior should be the result of conscious thought. A distinction is made between the manipulation of attitudes by subliminal evaluative conditioning, the influence of subliminal messages on consumer behavior, and the influence of subliminal messages on health.

Recent knowledge has called for only to be given to medical professionals, but advertisers have known the secrets for decades.

Barrack Obama used the power of three, a noted NLP practice, in so many speeches as it is so powerful, He would always start a rally address with three absolute short worded truths no one could deny and then the fourth statement would be accepted by his supporters as fact.

NLP has been used in Television advertisements for years and years, some under the noses of the TV watchdogs. 90% of all Television adverts are auto suggestion, offering you a perfect life, unachievable to most, but escapism all the same, IE: If you eat this breakfast cereal your family will be beautiful, loving and the sun always shines through your window. As Dave Allen the late great Irish comedian once quipped:

“In Breakfast adverts no one ever farts!”

There are some very smart marketers I know who pay Google to be at the top of their search results page for their keywords but do not want clicks, counter intuitive? No!  They know by being seen more than being clicked, Google has to keep showing their advert until clicks exhaust their budget, this hack is opening their business to so many more people!

By writing articles about your business regularly, by being seen consistently and by having banners, annoying as some may seem, in front of people , yes the consumers will swear blind they don’t see them, but trust your brand for some reason they can’t think why, is the quintessential reason why some business are more successful than others.

They pay for the ads to be seen when and where the general buying public don’t think they are seen! It is the essential illusion of choice; be seen often and be seen to do the right thing and people will buy from you, trust the process!

AX MEDIA invites you on a journey of the mind to facilitate your business to be seen more and trusted, and we have the reach to get you in front of Millions!

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