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Thailand tries to regulate TATTOOISTS


Tattooists in Thailand are now required to get an annual health clearance and to know about proper use and disposal of their tools and waste under a new regulation announced by the Public Health Ministry.

The announcement was published in the Royal Gazette on Thursday and was signed by Deputy Public Health Minister Sathit Pitutecha. It will take effect in 90 days.

The announcement said the regulation was aimed at ensuring clients’ health is not harmed through, for example, infection or allergic reactions to colourings and chemicals used by tattooists.

Skin-artists are required to be healthy and free of respiratory and skin diseases.

They must have a medical certificate from an annual physical checkup, confirming they are in good health and do not carry hepatitis B or C, or tuberculosis.

They are also required to know about infection prevention and the proper disposal of waste from their business.

The announcement also covers piercing services, but spares tattooing and piercing for religious beliefs.





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