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Thailand says that it is monitoring 135 possible cases of the new coronavirus

The number of confirmed cases remains at 14

An update to the situation in Thailand, with the disease prevention office saying that of the 14 cases reported, 6 patients have been discharged and returned home. There also appears to be no evidence of local transmission as of yet in the country.

Thailand looks set to be among the biggest losers from the coronavirus outbreak, as the tourism industry – which it relies heavily upon – is likely to suffer a big hit considering that the country is a hot travel destination for Chinese tourists.

The Thai baht has been heavily hit – much to the relief of lawmakers, policymakers – as a result but it is certainly not in the way that they want it to happen.

The risk here is that this may have a more profound impact on the economy and that has longer-term repercussions for the currency/confidence and that is something to consider as well.

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