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Thai police want to BAN having fun

Thai police want to BAN having fun

BAN having Fun: The national police have failed to see the funny side of a married couple who went online to have a laugh.

They have said the antics of the couple could see them charged and even jailed for three separate offences.

The RTP’s spokesman said that copy cats should be discouraged and warned against corrupting youth.

The case concerns a husband and wife who were having some bedroom Thai fun. The husband had a gun and was supposedly threatening his wife in a towel who only had a broom for her defense.

However, when she gets armed with a Samurai sword the tables are turned and the husband admits defeat and wais in a mock plea for forgiveness. There are a lot of good-natured laughs of another person or people present.

Pol Col Krissana Patanacharoen did not think it was funny at all.

He said the couple could face charges related to a 2007 law on domestic violence, the 1947 legislation regarding the registration of weapons or the 2017 computer crime law related to offending public morals.

The first of these alone could see the couple facing 6 months or a fine of 6,000 baht, reported INN.

The Pol Col said this was not appropriate behavior. Even if it was not deemed illegal it should be avoided lest it spawn copy cats of a more serious nature especially among children and the youth of Thailand

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