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Thai man eats larvae fresh from inside a tree

There are plenty of weird snacks in Thailand. But eating them fresh from the inside of a tree?

No thanks! That didn’t bother this man, though. He found some of the larvae creatures inside the bark after he cut down a tree while he was gardening in Udon Thani.

He collected a whole bag full of the creepy crawlies then onlookers filmed him crunching his way through them.

They’re believed to be two-inch long white borer worms.

Neighbour Wandee Dongying, 20, filmed the stomach-churning footage, asking her neighbor ”is it delicious?”.

She said: ”This is fine dining in Northeast Thailand. We collected the larvae worms for eating.

”The gardener was just feeling a bit peckish and wanted to eat them raw without cooking.

”People think it looks disgusting but they’re very tasty. We like to eat them while we drink beer.”

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