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Cheaters and their prey

There’s no doubt that being cheated on is one of the worst possible human experiences one can have, because it can not only shatter your trust but also have a massive impact on your self-esteem.

And some situations truly stand out among the rest. Here are some horror stories about exes cheating on Reddit that are sure to leave you reeling…

Sordid Selfies

“My ex was acting really weird. Being super distant, closing out of things on his computer when I’d walk by, getting super defensive when I’d ask him simple questions, etc.

So, Christmas Day, he went to take a shower and accidentally left his computer open, still signed into Facebook. I didn’t want to, but I opened up the conversation with him and the girl I suspected he was cheating on me with.

Sure enough, they had a thing going on. Burst into the bathroom to confront him, and caught him in the middle of taking a dick pic to send to her. It was a really great Christmas!”

Facebook fate:

“Someone at my high school who I vaguely knew messaged me and told me that my B/F was talking to/meeting up with a few of her friends and she thought I should know.

A month or so before this I had a sneaking suspicion and looked through his Facebook when he left it logged in on my phone once (not very proud of this, but my suspicion turned out to be right).

After I confronted him and broke up with him, he convinced me it was my fault he cheated and I dated the scumbag for another few months. Glad I’m not 16 anymore!”

Torrid texts

“Found a text on my G/f phone:

“How are you? Sorry about the other night… I would’ve kept going but the look you had on your face. So I stopped.”

“When i asked her what else am I supposed to think? She told me that they were “painting “. Then got real mad out of nowhere an hour later. She cheated on me 5 years ago, and I still haven’t gotten over it.

Can’t find it in me to forgive her. And because I noticed the red flags after her affair. I feel like she knows not to make it obvious by acting the way she did.

Am i overreacting?

Update: I know I’m not overreacting. When she was cheating on me 5 years ago. I always had this feeling that she was. The red flags I didn’t notice back then.

Where she was always leaving the house and came back late. Her having a lock screen on her phone even when mine didn’t. The shaved… y’know.

How quick she was to get mad at me, over the littlest things. Hitting me, the music she always played. The lyrics, not friending me on Facebook. Despite her being on it a lot.

I want to remind you guys that; these actions went unnoticed. Due to us having a baby so I never would’ve thought she would do something like this to me… I don’t like being walked on, I call her out on her BS.

I don’t know why i asked if i was exaggerating. I saw the texts after. He asked her if she was pregnant!

I’m lost, i don’t know what to do anymore… Maybe, just.. idk

I left, she’s staying with the guy who she told me not to worry about… I’m handling it pretty well, nothing can hurt me more then she already has… Idk how long it’ll take for me to find someone.”

Find out before it is too late

How do you feel when you are pretty sure in your heart that someone you trust is being unfaithful? Then the feeling of melancholy turns into disappointment, or even anger. Especially, if you are or have been the victim of cheating by yourself.

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