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 Tattooed man’ reveals struggle to find love

tattooed man' reveals struggle to find love

Britain’s most tattooed man” has opened up about how his extensive ink has affected his dating life and his ongoing struggle to find love, including being seen as a fetish by some.

King Of Ink Land King Body Art The Extreme Ink-It, formerly known as Matthew Whelan, is no stranger to media attention. The 44-year-old has frequently made headlines for his full-body tattoos. Recently, he decided to take a break from getting new tattoos to save money and pay off his mortgage. He shared his difficulties in finding a lasting relationship, mentioning that he is often “trolled” for having a crush on the cartoon character Lola Bunny. After being single for six months, he admits he would like to settle down. Despite past relationships, including one that ended earlier this year, King of Ink Land claims that his alternative appearance has been a consistent barrier. He told WhatstheJam: “I’m a King without his Queen. Dating someone very alternative comes with its own challenges. Some see me as a fetish or a kink. My last relationship ended in January, and I’ve used my tattoo hiatus to move on. Now, I’ve been officially single for half a year.”

The Birmingham native recalled receiving rude and unkind comments from potential dates about his tattoos and some unusual behavior as well. He recounted: “One date said my eyes make me look like a demon and found it hard to make eye contact. Some suggest I’ll be an inky mess when I’m older. Stares on dates can be awkward, but they don’t bother me.” Having gained notoriety for his extreme style, he believes people don’t always want to date him for the right reasons. “I’m sure some have used me to gain access to events with celebrities and high-profile people. I’ve also attracted my fair share of stalkers.”

In his quest for love, King of Ink Land has tried swinging and has been involved in the porn scene, having filmed a few X-rated videos. He also appeared on the TV dating show Game of Attraction but was unfortunately eliminated in the second week. He said: “I want to find someone who respects and understands my diverse lifestyle. I embrace my alterations and ink. While my appearance may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I believe there’s someone out there for me who will see past my looks and want to know the person inside. I don’t see myself on Love Island anytime soon, but who knows? Maybe The Undateables?”

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