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Taiwanese nabbed for overstay and also for fraud

Taiwanese nabbed pattaya one Feb 12 2024

In a recent joint effort between the Tourist Police Division 2 and Pattaya Police, a Taiwanese national, identified as Hsues Hua Liu, was detained on February 10 in connection with alleged fraud activities in Taiwan. The 22-year-old individual was suspected of ties to a call center gang in his home country and was apprehended in Pattaya, where he had sought refuge to evade Taiwanese authorities.

The collaboration between the Thai and Taiwanese law enforcement agencies led to Liu’s arrest on Walking Street in Pattaya, utilizing intelligence provided by their counterparts in Taiwan. Further investigation revealed that Liu had entered Thailand as a tourist on October 23, 2023, but had overstayed his visa, which expired on January 9 of the current year, by 32 days.

At present, Liu is under the custody of the Pattaya Police while legal proceedings are expected to take place under Thai law. This incident underscores Thailand’s dedication to international cooperation in law enforcement and its firm stance against transnational crime.


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