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Successful sex drugs bust for Pattaya Police

Pattaya police make successful bust of drugs used for sexual activity

On March 5th, Pattaya police successfully tracked down and confiscated a supply of drugs used for sexual activity as well as some 500,000 baht in cash.

Reports had reached police that an organized gang had been operating in the Pattaya area for some time and police had finally managed to mount enough evidence to spring a trap. They had an undercover operative contact the seller and a meeting was arranged at a restaurant to discuss a potential sale.

At the meeting, it became apparent that the seller was not a prominent figure of the gang. She had a total of 84 boxes of pills available for sale, which would cost 40,000 Baht. Police quickly altered the plan slightly and asked if they could buy a further 50 boxes of a cheaper brand, totaling 44,000.

The seller then contacted her boss, and led police right to what they were looking for.

A 43 year old Thai woman was arrested and taken down to the police station, along with the small seller, for further questioning.

As well as the sex pills, police also managed to confiscate 500,000 baht in cash, which they are confident was money made from selling the illegal drugs. Although police are happy with the arrests, they still believe there are more gang members involved and will be carrying on the investigation in an attempt to track them down and bring them to justice.

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