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Pattaya floods rain down again on city

Today the city got hit by some of the stronger rain not seen here for a while, bikes and cars had to drive at a snail like pace and people tread with care .

Heavy rain flooded several roads and communities in Pattaya on Wednesday afternoon, causing heavy traffic congestion.

The downpour lashed the beach town for more than an hour, indundating numerous roads.

Sukhumvit, South Pattaya, Khao Noi, Khao Talor and Liab Tang Rodfai roads were all impassable. Some vehicles were damaged and traffic was snarled. 

The worst hit area was Pattaya Sai 3 Road, where the water level was too high for any vehicles to pass.  Police set up a road barrier to divert both people and traffic.

Nong Yai community and areas around Muang Pattaya 4 School saw water levels rise to between 50-80 centimetres.  Floodwater gradually receded after the rain stopped.


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