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Small boats banned from going out due to high waves

Pattaya faced strong sea waves recently due to cold weather, making sea travel challenging. Many tourists, both Thai and foreign, gathered at the Bali Hai Pier in Pattaya City to board passenger boats for their trips, particularly to Koh Larn Island. However, caution was advised due to the rough sea conditions.

To prioritize safety, the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources mandated that all passengers wear life jackets and remain seated throughout the journey. Officials placed great importance on ensuring compliance with these safety measures, especially with the increasing number of tourists boarding boats.

In light of a previous incident where a tourist boat capsized, Pattaya authorities took proactive measures to inspect all vessels transporting passengers. This included both chartered and regular passenger boats being required to have life jackets and functioning fire extinguishers. Additionally, the vessels needed to be seaworthy and capable of providing a safe round-trip travel experience for passengers.

Sea captain Pramuanphan Chetkrit emphasized the significance of thorough vessel inspections to maintain passenger safety. Passengers were reminded to wear life jackets and remain seated throughout the journey for their own well-being.

Due to the high waves, boats heading to Koh Larn were limited to docking at the Na Baan pier instead of the usual docking point at Ta Waen Beach. Authorities remained vigilant and took proactive measures to ensure the safety of sea travelers given the challenging sea conditions.


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