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Just another day on the Thai roads! Traffic stops to see ‘Win’ vs Taxi fight

Traffic came to a standstill in Bangkok when a motorcycle taxi rider and a taxi driver settled an argument with a fight in the middle of the road.

Thai Rath reported that after a few blows were exchanged the protagonists seemed satisfied and got back on and into their vehicles as if nothing had happened.

But traffic on both sides of the road stopped so everyone could enjoy the fight. Most got there phones out to r cord the action and there a few videos flying around the Thai social media sites.

people online commented that either they were getting a bit of anger out of their systems or perhaps the extreme heat in Bangkok was making them hot under the collar. Whatever it was that caused the fight, it seemed to keep a few of the locals and the thousands of social media fanatics entertained, at least for a few minutes.

As mentioned before there are several videos that have been uploaded but one in particular stood out. The footage from a dash cam was uploaded onto Facebook by “Chananat Sornsena” who commented that the fight took place in front of Klong Thom market.

Source: Thai Rath

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