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Storm in a Thai teacup – woman goes to the police over pump attendants who can’t open filler cap

The world of Thai social media is abuzz after a Thai woman was filmed arguing with pump attendants at a gas station in Bangkok.

And all because the woman – who is irate and doing all the finger pointing at the attendants – cannot open a filler cap on the motorcycle she is riding, reported Sanook.

In a hissy fit she calls Bang Khen police to “come and investigate”.

Also at the crux of the matter is that many on social media understood from the clip that the woman was claiming to be connected to the local force.

But it turned out she just knew someone at the police station.

Still, it was enough for the netizens on Thai social media to round on her for her behavior. She was condemned for her attitude all across social media and now she wants revenge.

After the matter had been sorted out amicably at the station – and the attendants had apologized to her, she went back later to threaten the person who posted the clip online with defamation and loss of face.

The drama started on Tuesday evening when the woman took her Honda Airblade – a relatively new model for Thailand – into what is thought to be a Shell station to fill up.

The attendants don’t now how to open the cap, and neither does she. She wails: “I am asking you why won’t you fill up for me?”

An argument breaks out as it is pointed out that she can’t open it herself.

“You are working at a filling station, why can’t you open it?”, she screams.

She then calls the police and the words “phoo kong fai” are heard leading many who saw the clip to believe she is connected to the station.

Later Bang Khen station chief Amnat Intharasuan told that following the incident the manager of the gas station and his staff had gone with the woman involved to the station and apologies were made. The matter had been settled.

But on Wednesday when the clip was shared online to Youlike, Youtube and other platforms the woman got mad.

Last night at 10.45pm she went back to police to register a complaint that she had been harmed by the clip and lost face. She said it was not representative of the whole incident and presented her in an unfavorable light, she said.

She said that it was not true that she worked with the police – she is a saleswoman at a nearby car showroom. She had borrowed the bike from a colleague and so didn’t know how to open the filler cap.

When she called the police she mentioned the words “phoo kong fai” in answer to a question about the position of someone who she said worked at the police station.

She demanded that the clip be taken down or she would sue under the computer crimes act.

But whether she was an official at the police or not most people online thought that it was absurd that anyone would go to the police over such a trivial matter as pump attendants being unable to open a filler cap.

Source: Sanook

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