“Seawalker” pay B 100,000 to family of the drowned Chinese Lady

“Seawalker” pay B 100,000  to family of  the drowned Chinese Lady

Regarding the drowned Seawalker Customer case at Pattaya island “Koh Larn”

  Recently (Nov. 7th) The CEO of the Seawalker Mermaid’s Company in Pattaya had been giving 100,000 baht to show the deepest respect for the grieving family of Mss. Jiang Xiaonyu 52, the Chinese tourist who was drowned during her underwater excursions ” Seawalker”.

At first, the autopsy to be in the procedure and follow up in Police Hospital, In addition, the Pattaya Police, the verification officer also the relatives to go on the boat for an examination to combine and analyze the result of its situations of the case.  Source: 77jowo