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Krua Nha Bann Restaurant: For A Totally Different Eating Experience – It’s A Place To Party Or For A Romantic ‘Pop The Question’ Dinner!

Krua Nha Bann Restaurant – North Pattaya

By Marc Gingell

25th March 2019

Dieter Hits Town!

Dieter Jaehn, a good friend from the early Pattaya days back in 1998, turned up recently and he loves his food. Not only that he’s an expert! He worked on 5 Star Cruise Liners for many years and he now owns the Spaghetti Factory in Makati, Philippines. If you’re reading this there go and see Dieter. Mention my name and I’m sure he’ll give you a free drink!

In the old days, we used to hit a few places in the Walking Street but time has now caught up with us a bit. Plus Dieter has a beautiful wife and daughter back home. With this in mind I took him to meet another friend from those early days.

Pattaya One: Dieter, with glasses but no hat. Antonio, no hat and no glasses, (an old friend of Dieter from his Cruise Liner days). K. Panisa (Rak), taking the picture.


Destination – Krua Nha Bann & K. Panisa

Our friend from the early days is Khun Panisa (Rak) and we both met her at View Talay 1 where she worked. She was our ‘go- to person’ whenever we had a problem. She never came up with a few standard answers such as:

  • I don’t know!
  • No!
  • Over there!

If she didn’t know she would do all she could to find the answer which was great.

Pattaya One. Krua Nha Bann. Free and safe parking across the road.

Moving On 20 Years

K. Panisa, from Pattaya and born on Valentine’s Day in a year I’m not allowed to mention, 1978, has moved on since those View Talay days.

For those who’ve been regular visitors to Jomtien Soi 5 immigration, since about 2005, you might remember the Meesen Café located right next door. K. Panisa owned that place until a fall-out with her business partner.

K. Panisa had put her heart and soul into Meesen Café and for the next 5 days she cried her heart out with her good friend Johnny Walker. On the sixth day, she woke up and began to put plans in place for her next venture.

Pattaya One. Krua Nha Bann.

Krua Nha Bann

This turned out to be Krua Nha Bann which K. Panisa opened in 2012. Roughly translated Krua Nha Bann means ‘Happy Kitchen.’

Krua Nha Bann Location:

Krua Nha Bann, which opens from noon to midnight, is located in North Pattaya on the road at the back of Big C Marina. It’s opposite Differ Night Club and about 100 metres from the side entrance to Terminal 21. If you’re located close by they do make deliveries. For delivery  details call 089-608-0884.

Pattaya One: Krua Nha Bann location with free parking.


Pattaya One: For Krua Nha Bann deliveries call 089 608 0884.

Krua Nha Bann Parties:

K. Panisa mentioned that she has about 5 parties a month and that staff from local hotels and businesses often use her place for their parties.

Pattaya One: Krua Nha Bahn – North Pattaya.
Pattaya One. Krua Nha Bann. A great place to party. Or for a quiet romantic ‘Pop the Question’ dinner.

Dieter Had This To Say:

“Being in the same business as Rak I’m always on the lookout for something special. Something that will blow my mind away which doesn’t happen too much these days! Rak, who impressed me so much in 1998, did exactly the same 21 years later. I’ve now eaten here three times and the food is superb.  

I meet a lot of people and I have a select list of special places that I talk about as ‘Must Eat Places’ in the world. Krua Nha Bann is now on that list.

Unique Eating Experience

Overall Krua Nha Bann does offer a unique eating experience with a Thai and International flavour. It’s quirky and funky with a trendy fun vibe. Rather like the owner K. Panisa who has made this her special place.

Pattaya One: Postman Pat at Krua Nha Bann.


You will find her, sitting at a table with a cocktail, making sure her staff are attending to all her customers’ needs.

Pattaya One: K. Panisa with her portrait on the wall at Krua Nah Bann.




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