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Russian lady kicks pregnant lady in Koh Phangan

Russian lady Pattaya one March 20 2024

A Russian woman faced assault charges by police on Koh Phangan on March 19, 2024, after kicking a pregnant Thai woman. Despite offering an apology for her actions, the Thai woman decided to proceed with pressing charges.

The altercation occurred on March 18 when Mrs. Sathika, a 34-year-old Thai woman working in her natural products store on Koh Phangan, confronted a foreign woman carrying shoes and a coffee cup entering her store. A sign at the store’s entrance clearly indicated that wearing shoes inside and bringing outside drinks was forbidden.

Mrs. Sathika, communicating in English, informed the foreigner about the store’s rules. However, the foreign woman disregarded her instructions. After Mrs. Sathika reiterated her request, the foreigner asserted that her shoes were clean and did not comply.

When Mrs. Sathika persisted, asking the foreign woman to remove her shoes, the foreigner responded by kicking her twice on her right leg, resulting in minor injuries. Subsequently, the foreign woman left the premises.

In response, Mrs. Sathika reported the incident to the authorities and shared a photo of the foreign woman captured on the store’s CCTV camera on social media in hopes of identifying her.

Following investigations by local police and immigration officials, the foreign woman was identified as Ms. Alena, a 41-year-old Russian citizen. She was summoned for questioning at the police station, where she admitted to the assault on Mrs. Sathika. Although Ms. Alena apologized to Mrs. Sathika, who accepted her apology, Mrs. Sathika insisted on pursuing charges. Consequently, Ms. Alena was officially charged with assault by the police.


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