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Hold tight as Miss Thailand beauties fall into water as bridge breaks under weight

Dramatic footage shows the moment when 30 beauty queens plunged into a dirty pond when a bridge snapped is doing the rounds on social media.

The beautiful Miss Thailand hopefuls were all taking part in what was the 2nd day of the competition in Chang Mai Thailand.

During the contest, they were out visiting a cafe and posing for photos on a suspension bridge made from ropes connected to a steel walkway.

However, It all went horribly wrong when the bridge could no longer hold the weight of the young beauties and snapped sending the young beauties into the muddy water below.

Many people may laugh, However, three of the girls were injured and at least one of the girls suffered cuts and bruises on her forehead.

Two other girls had minor scrapes.

All the girls were taken to hospital for checkups and have now been discharged.

Forty-three-year-old Worapot Chatkanjana,  who is the owner of the restaurant where the event was taken place has now promised to cover the treatment costs for all the injured ladies

So far he has donated half a million baht to cover their hospital bills.

Worapot Chatkanjana, said “I’ll also pay for the other contestants to have their dresses cleaned professionally.

“I don’t know why the bridge broke. It is strong, but it just could not handle the weight of the women. In the future, we will make improvements to the bridge to be even stronger.”

The other 27 beauty pageant hopefuls were able to continue the event with three of their rivals missing. They now rejoined the next day.

Dr Adisorn Suddee, Director of the Miss Thailand 2020, said: ”Normally the contest is held in Bangkok, but this time we chose Chiang Mai and we were confident that it would be safe and secure.

”This was the second day of the contest and it was unexpected that the bridge would break.”

Contest like these are a booming industry in Thailand with events held regional and nationally throughout the year.

Many ladies who enter these competitions can win hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash prizes as well as modelling and sponsorship agreements.

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