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Road measures step up after the extension of the entertainment closing hours

Pattaya City is taking a proactive approach to prevent drunk driving and reduce road accidents, as the government extends entertainment venue operating hours until 4 a.m. To tackle this issue, the city’s traffic police station has set up checkpoints on Pattaya Second Road to test drivers’ alcohol levels, especially targeting tourists enjoying the city’s nightlife.

This move comes after concerns were raised about the potential risks of extending entertainment hours, such as increased alcohol consumption and impaired driving. The authorities aim to strike a balance between promoting tourism and ensuring public safety.

As part of this initiative, Hollywood Pub, one of the popular entertainment venues, has already taken steps to comply with the policy and protect its customers. They have designated waiting areas equipped with alcohol level measurement devices for tourists who drink until closing time. These areas also provide seating, rest facilities, and transportation services at reasonable fares to help reduce the chances of accidents and avoid penalties at the checkpoints.

Pattaya City, known for its vibrant entertainment and services, is committed to maintaining the safety of both residents and visitors. The authorities will closely monitor the effectiveness of these measures and assess their impact on reducing road accidents in the region.


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