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Entertainment venues now open to 4am

Starting from 15 December, the Thai government has officially announced new regulations to promote tourism and stimulate the economy. Entertainment venues in popular tourist areas such as Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Chiang Mai, and Ko Samui, are now permitted to extend their operating hours until 4 am. Additionally, registered hotels across the country are also allowed to remain open until 4 am.

However, please note that this extension applies only on New Year’s Eve when all pubs and bars, regardless of location, can stay open until 6 am on New Year’s Day.

To ensure public safety, all entertainment venues and hotels must hold a valid license to operate. The authorities will be vigilant in enforcing regulations pertaining to noise control, drunk driving, and drug abuse. Violators of these laws will face stricter penalties.

These changes were published in the Royal Thai Government Gazette on 15 December 2023 by the Minister of Interior, following the Cabinet’s decision. The government aims to encourage tourism and boost the economy by allowing more flexibility for visitors and businesses alike.


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