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Restaurant Granddaughter complains there’s too many customers

Restaurant Granddaughter

The granddaughter of a famous restaurant in ChinaTown, Bangkok posted on social media pictures of customers waiting in line along with the caption “Haven’t you eaten before? It’s hot, all of you come here like it’s free, we can’t grill the pork in time”. Netizens became furious after seeing the post, mainly because the caption and the pictures posted were very disrespectful towards the customers.

The granddaughter made her post viewable by friends only, but someone took a screenshot and shared it for everyone to see. People just feel like it’s really uncommon to be unhappy because your business has a lot of customers. Normally a member of the family should be grateful that their family restaurant is popular and is doing good business. This is especially ironic compared to others struggling with financial problems.

One comment stated that a restaurant survives because of its customers. What is the granddaughter trying to imply in the caption, that the customers are not important? To make things worse, one of the pictures clearly showed the face of a man standing in line. Turns out the man is the father of a netizen who happened to see the post. The man promises to never support the restaurant again “The picture in the drama has my father in it, let’s not meet again”. A representative from the restaurant replied to the comment and said, “ We’re really sorry for what happened, from the bottom of my heart. The girl now knows that what she did was not right”. To which the man replied, “I’m glad that she realizes it’s wrong, but things like this need some time”.

The granddaughter came out shortly after captioned in another post “ I’m extremely sorry for what happened. I didn’t intend to respond negatively to the customers. I didn’t think about what it could mean to say such things. All my relatives are unhappy with my words. Since my grandparents started the restaurant, we realize the importance of treating customers right. I promise to never let this happen again. I’m really sorry”.

The official Facebook Page of the restaurant also came out with an apology attached to the post from the granddaughter. “From the incident that took place, there was a very inappropriate post made. The restaurant has warned and taught the account owner. She is the granddaughter of our owner. She did it without thinking about the effects. Our restaurant apologizes to all our customers with what had happened. We are sure this will never happen again.

The girl realizes what she had done. We are really sorry for what had happened and hope you give us another chance.” What do you think about this situation? Should the customers return to the restaurant after the apology?

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