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Progress of Addiction Safehouse Podcast

The purpose of our podcast is to help families learn the truth about addiction and alcoholism so that they can take the right action to help the addict they love and to help themselves at this critical time in their lives. Exposing the truth about addiction and alcoholism also requires that we bust the myths surrounding both addiction/alcoholism and the recovery process.

Progress of Addiction, Interview with Tony

Season 1 – Episode 5

In this episode, I’m going to interview a fantastic young man, Tony, who has one heckuva story to tell about his own journey to getting clean and sober.

You will find the story of his personal adventures before and after very instructive and illuminating from this perspective: if you are a family member, a mom, wife, husband, brother, son, any person close to the addict or alcoholic still using or drinking or both, then pay attention to the effect that Johnny’s active using had on his family. And pay attention to what they tried that didn’t work.

Pay attention to what it took to turn his life around and what he does today to stay clean and sober.

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