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Prisoner Accused Of Mutilating And Beheading Inmate In Cell ‘Slaying’

A prisoner has allegedly murdered his cellmate, beheading him and removing parts of his body in what was described as a ‘slaying’.

Jaime Osuna, 31 is accused of attacking Luis Romero in a jail in California, where he attached a sharp object to a makeshift handle by wrapping it in string.

Romero, 44, was found dead in his cell at Corcoran state prison on 9 March where he had bled to death from ‘multiple sharp force trauma injuries’. His body had been mutilated and parts removed, allegedly including a finger, an eye and part of Romero’s lung.

According to the pathologist report, it’s likely that Romero was alive for at least some of the incident.

He was found the following morning during a routine security check by prison guards.

Kings County Assistant District Attorney, Phil Esbenshade said: “This is probably the most unusual and gruesome case that I’ve had in my career.

“At this point, we intend to prosecute him pursuant to the complaint, put it in front of a jury.”

He also confirmed that they do not intend to make any offers or deals.

Osuna was already serving life in prison without parole for murdering and torturing 37-year-old mum of six, Yvette Pena. In a plea deal in 2017, Osuna confessed to killing her in a motel room in 2011.

He could now face the death penalty, with the killing described as ‘especially heinous, atrocious, or cruel, manifesting exceptional depravity’.

He appeared in court, denying murder and the other charges.

The accused has been transferred to a different prison, which is intended for inmates in need of medical or mental health care, but due to privacy laws, the official reason for the move hasn’t been confirmed.

Romero had been in prison since 1992, having been convicted of second degree murder. He was serving life, but with possibility of parole.

Osuna is due in court in late June for a preliminary hearing setting. He’s also facing other charges filed earlier this year, for allegedly throwing blood at a correctional officer.

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