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Man Robs Woman At ATM But Gives Her Money Back When He Sees Her Balance

Man Robs Woman At ATM But Gives Her Money Back When He Sees Her Balance

An almost-thief was caught on camera about to rob a woman, before spotting how skint she was and handing the money back.

CCTV footage obtained and shared by China Global Television Network shows the man, armed with a knife, approach the lone woman as she is using a cash point, and the pair of them exchange words with the terrified woman hanging over all her cash, which was reported to be 2,500 yuan (around £280).

However, he then asks to see her bank balance and, understandably given that he’s brandishing a knife, she obliges, but when he spots her bank balance on the screen, which was reportedly sat a bit fat zero, he appears to change his mind, hands back the money and walks off with a smile.

CCTV from outside ICBC bank where the nearly-robbery took place captures him walking off, without the money, while the woman seemingly tries to process what has just happened to her.

The incident occurred in Heyuan City, South China, and according to CGNT although the fella didn’t actually keep the cash, he did have a very real knife and was later detained by police.

This isn’t the first time a criminal has had an attack of guilt in recent days, earlier this month a thief from Casilda, in the northern Argentine province of Santa Fe, took a fella’s hard-earned cash from his wallet, but also left a note apologising.

Victor Molina had his wallet nicked, but it was later returned, without the cash, but with a short note that read: “I am sorry. I am not the kind of person who takes other people’s things, but I did not have anything to feed my kids so I owe you the money.”

The wallet had less than £10 inside when it was taken, and was later ‘secretly’ dropped off at a local radio station where staff spotted it on the floor, ‘abandoned’ and discovered the note tucked away inside.

Molina told Radio Casilda: “I only had 500 Argentine pesos (£9.50/$12.50) in the wallet so if he took it to feed his children, it was good that this person ended up with it.

“I think the letter is genuine. If he was a bad person, he would have nicked the money and thrown away the wallet. Instead, he returned it and left a nice note. I think it is even possible that he might know me.”

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