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Prayut outgoing prime minister and defence minister bids farewell

Prayut outgoing prime minister and defence minister bids farewell

Prayut Chan-o-cha, the departing prime minister and minister of defense, exhibited a positive demeanor following his ultimate session with the Defense Council on Thursday.

Prime Minister Prayut granted permission for group photographs to be taken alongside reporters at the Defense Ministry subsequent to the meeting. He humorously mentioned that he had provided his successor, Srettha Thavisin, with “some form of introduction” regarding themselves.

Prayut has garnered notoriety for exhibiting signs of irritability on multiple occasions when faced with challenging inquiries from the press.

Earlier in the day, Prime Minister Prayut engaged in a meeting with the incoming prime minister at Government House, subsequently leading Srettha on a comprehensive tour of the grounds, with the duration of around one hour.

When queried by journalists regarding his plans subsequent to relinquishing his position, Prayut expressed his intention to engage in a period of repose.

However, prior to departing from the Defense Ministry in his car, Prayut conveyed to the reporters, “I have not yet made any plans to relocate.” State officials typically retire at the age of 60, although my retirement age is set at 70. The individual refrained from providing further details or explanations.
When questioned of his encounter with Srettha at Government House, the departing Prime Minister expressed, “It was satisfactory.” The timing of the meeting was opportune.

According to Prayut, Srettha had requested the meeting in order to establish a mutual understanding and familiarity between them. Both parties showed mutual respect. There was limited opportunity for extensive conversation due to time constraints.

According to his statement, he had requested the newly appointed prime minister to address various concerns, which encompass tasks pertaining to security agencies.

When prompted to provide insight on the view that Srettha managed to attain a parliamentary majority as a result of Prayut’s backing via senators, the departing Prime Minister expressed, “The forthcoming government is emerging via the established procedure.” The issue falls within the jurisdiction of the legislative body. Do not generate ideas.

Srettha, the ex-president and chief executive officer of Sansiri Plc, a prominent real estate company, was nominated as one of the three potential contenders for the position of prime minister by the Pheu Thai Party in the upcoming general election scheduled for November 14th. During the combined meeting of both Houses on Tuesday, he successfully garnered majority approval from Parliament.

Out of the total of 482 approval votes garnered, 330 were obtained from Members of Parliament (MPs) and the remaining 152 were secured from senators. In order to obtain the top political position, a minimum of 376 votes out of a total of 750 legislators is necessary.
During the valedictory assembly held at the Defense Ministry, General Prayut expressed his gratitude to the commanders in attendance for their unwavering support throughout his tenure of eight years in office. During the press conference that followed the meeting, Colonel Chitanat Punnothok, the deputy spokesman for the Defense Ministry, reported that the individual in question additionally requested their assistance in safeguarding the nation, its populace, and the three fundamental pillars of Thailand, namely the nation, religion, and monarchy.

According to the spokesperson, General Prayut urged the senior military and police commanders to prioritize the welfare and well-being of their subordinates, emphasizing the importance of providing appropriate care and ensuring access to welfare benefits.


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