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Dressing as girl Scouts to attract customers,but heavy fines

Dressing as girl Scouts to attract customers,but heavy fines

The bar employees in Sattahip faced severe criticism due to their choice of attire resembling that of Girl Scouts, which was intended to entice patrons.

The individuals in question were ultimately subjected to a monetary penalty of 100 baht each as a consequence of their transgression of the legal statutes. Subsequently, they expressed remorse to the general populace.

The dissemination of photographs depicting adult women donning the uniforms of Thai Girl Scouts gained significant traction on various social media platforms, rapidly attaining viral status.

This widespread circulation has sparked apprehension regarding the propriety of the women’s conduct and the potential legal ramifications associated with their actions.

The photographs of ladies were seemingly captured during the late hours in the Thanon Thong Thip settlement, situated in the Sattahip district of Chonburi, by an unidentified individual.

Subsequently, it was disclosed that these women were employed at an undisclosed karaoke facility within the vicinity, and their attire was purportedly designed to allure potential patrons to frequent their establishment.

The law enforcement officials in Sattahip promptly responded to the public’s concerns and successfully identified the women implicated in the scandal surrounding the Scout-themed bar.

On Wednesday, August 23rd, at 11 PM, Police Lieutenant Colonel Panya Damlek, the captain of the Sattahip Police Station, issued a directive to apprehend all ladies under scrutiny.

In order to question the people, law enforcement officials ultimately transported them to the police station.

One individual, referred to as A (pseudonym), acknowledged that she extended invitations to her colleagues at a bar as well as her acquaintances, requesting them to attire themselves in Girl Scout uniforms exclusively for the purpose of commemorating her birthday on August 18th, just for amusement, without being cognizant of the fact that this action contravened the statutes.

A expressed remorse for the distress caused to the general populace.

According to Police Lieutenant Colonel Panya, those who don a Scout uniform or display Scout insignias without authorization, with the intent to deceive or mislead others into believing they possess the corresponding rights or membership, may face a maximum imprisonment period of one month, a fine of not more than one thousand baht, or both.

Nevertheless, due to the fact that the women had committed the transgression for the first time without prior awareness of the legal stipulations, they were subjected to a monetary penalty of 100 baht each and then discharged subsequent to being admonished.

According to Thai media, the person in charge of planning the female Scout-themed party has vowed not to repeat such behavior in the future.

According to The Pattaya News, previous instances have been reported when clubs have employed staff members dressed in provocative police and army uniforms, raising concerns among genuine law enforcement and military officials. Previous concerns have arisen regarding the use of schoolgirl uniforms.


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