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Man goes crazy in temple with knife

Man goes crazy in temple with knife

A male individual, aged 39, engaged in a violent incident at a temple, brandishing a knife and making threats at three individuals in training.

Upon receipt of the complaint, a group of police officers who were serving in a voluntary capacity promptly proceeded to the location, resulting in one officer sustaining injuries throughout the course of their response.

At the site of the temple rampage incident, namely at Wat Pa Somanat Santayaram in Nong Khon Kwang, an individual named Anek Sahai Kaen, aged 63, who serves as a voluntary police officer, was discovered with two lacerations on his forehead.

Law enforcement officers used a baton to effectively restrain and disarm the suspect, Nathee Meebun, who displayed signs of increased agitation.

A search of Nathee’s residence revealed no further incidents of violence or harm to other individuals. The injured cop, Anek, acknowledged his consumption of drugs subsequent to his job hours.

Anek disclosed that he had received instructions to interfere in a scenario where a man under the influence of drugs was posing a threat to three individuals who were inexperienced in the matter, use a knife as a means of intimidation.

The individual traveled to the temple with two other people, where Nathee got into a fight. Fortunately, a supplementary contingent of law enforcement personnel arrived promptly to seize Nathee.

According to a 17-year-old novice, it has been observed that Nathee has been dwelling in a temple hut located in close proximity for around one year.

The individual in question was reputed for engaging in drug consumption and frequently exhibited erratic behavior within the temple premises, brandishing a knife and menacing the novice members.

Despite experiencing a sense of intimidation, the inexperienced individual refrained from disclosing these occurrences to the temple monk prior to the occurrence of the temple rampage episode.

According to Phra Chakrabongse Tejawaro’s account, a monk involved in the temple rampage incident, Nathee, a person showing signs of instability, had lived on the temple grounds for about a year.

The individual in question was reputed for consistently possessing a knife and displaying a propensity for issuing threats to those who ventured near him.

Upon the monk’s being subjected to a threat of assault, he promptly notified the authorities of the occurrence. According to a report from KhaoSod, upon the cops’ arrival, they were subjected to an assault by the individual in question, leading to subsequent injuries.

Lamphun, Nathee’s mother, who is 61 years old, had profound emotional distress upon learning about her son’s behavior. The informant disclosed that the individual in question had been employed in a facility involved in the production and storage of frozen water, commonly referred to as an ice factory, and was also in a marital relationship, and had offspring.

However, as a result of familial circumstances, they underwent a separation, leading Nathee to turn to substance abuse. In spite of concerted efforts to secure his treatment, the individual experienced a recurrence of symptoms and afterwards commenced residing within the confines of the temple.

The individual’s behavior underwent a significant transformation subsequent to the initiation of drug consumption. Lamphun conveyed profound remorse for the crimes of her son and indicated a desire for judicial recourse and appropriate rehabilitative measures to facilitate his recovery.


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