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Police caught and filmed having sex

Two police officers were filmed romping in the front of their squad car by a baffled passerby.

The footage was recorded in the municipality of Ecatepec de Morelos, near Mexico City.

It was widely shared on social media, showing a stationary police vehicle in a secluded spot.

The woman’s top is unfastened and her lover’s sheriff’s badge can be seen on his open shirt, as he reclines on the passenger seat.

In the footage, the recorder is seen approaching the vehicle in an area of waste ground.

Apparently lost in the moment of passion, the bobbies were too busy bobbing up and down to clock that they were being filmed.

The police officers romping in their patrol car
The officers were sacked after the footage went viral on social media (Image: Newsflash)

One eagle-eyed observer on social medial reckoned the man looks to be handcuffed while his colleague was giving him an arresting sight.

The incident was reported to the local authorities and the Municipal Police of Ecatepec reported that the two officers in question have been discharged for “breach of the disciplinary regime”.

In March, a politician apologised after his wife walked into shot completely naked during an online parliamentary meeting.

Inkosi Xolile Ndevu, a member of the National House of Traditional Leaders, a body of 23 traditional leaders in South Africa, was talking about deaths from Covid-19 in the province of Eastern Cape during a meeting on Tuesday, March 30.

A video widely shared on social media shows Inkosi explaining how Eastern Cape is working with local doctors in handling coronavirus cases – at which point his wife suddenly appears behind him in full frontal nudity.

Shocked by her X-rated cameo appearance, Inkosi’s colleagues can be heard bursting into laughter as a committee chairperson intervenes.


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