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Pictures of child sitting on car roof gets backlash

Pictures of child sitting on car roof gets backlash

Pictures of child sitting on car roof gets backlash

Pictures of a child sitting on the roof of a car went viral on 11 September 2019. The child is seen wearing his school uniform sitting on the roof of the vehicle while the car was driving on the main public road.

Netizens heavily criticized the parents of such child mainly on safety and who’s to blame if the child gets hurt.

A Facebook user named Yok Roiching posted the pictures and was shared by a public page called True Stories on the Internet in Thai. The post was captioned with “This is so dangerous, how could you allow this? My brother sent me this picture.

What made the parents think that a child sitting on the car roof while it is driving is considered ok, this is so dangerous. This took place at the Tha Jak Intersection, Lamphun Province.

If it seems like I’m blaming someone then I apologize, but this is truly very inappropriate.”

The child is seen sitting on top of a red car stuck in traffic, but it seems like the child had been sitting on the roof all the way, not just when the car was stopped.

Netizens had a lot to say, starting with “If the kid falls down, who’s the most affected here. Of course, it’s the father, mother, and the child himself. It’ll be as if your heart was torn apart”. Another user stated that this might have been done on purpose, with attempts to get attention from the public.

One user was so furious he wanted to teach the driver a good lesson. The user also mentioned that if there was an accident the other party will definitely be made guilty for hurting a child.

After the pictures went viral a Twitter User @Nalinee_Ople reported that the police called in the mother of the child in the pictures. The mother went to have a talk with the police to which she stated that the driver was the grandpa.

He had just picked up the child from school. The child loves opening the sunroof to sit on top of the car, even more, they happen to do this all the time and didn’t expect it to be a big deal. The police fined the mother and gave her a warning.

It seems like netizens who are strangers to the child is more worried about the safety of the boy even more than his real parents. What is your opinion on this story?

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