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Pol.Lt.Col. arrested with 198,000 Yaba pills

Pol.Lt.Col. arrested with 198,000 Yaba pills

A Police Lieutenant Colonel from Uthai Thani Province was arrested with evidence of 198,000 Yaba pills. The Mae Sai Police in Chiang Rai Province arrested Pol.Lt.Col. Surajit Thawut 35 years old at 5.20 am on the 11th of this month (September 2019).

The Pol.Lt.Col. was traveling on a tour bus from Mae Sai to Bangkok with 198,000 Yaba pills inside his suitcase.

The officers had set up a checkpoint on the road in Mae Sai District when they called over a Nakhonchai Tour tour bus no.10-7937.

The officials suspected a suspicious suitcase that was locked and placed inside the storage unit in the tour bus. It belonged to the passenger sitting in 1A. Turns out the passenger is the Pol.Lt.Col.

When they invited him to open the suitcase, he got off the tour bus and tried to run away into the bushes behind the checkpoint. The police got hold of him and made him open the suitcase with all the Yaba inside.

The Pol.Lt.Col. admits that the drugs belong to him. He was hired by someone named Oat from Nakhon Sawan Province through the application Line.

Oat told him to pick up the drugs in Mae Sai and deliver it to him in Bangkok with an exchange of 100,000 THB in payment to the Pol.Lt.Col. That is all the suspect admitted to the police through the interview.

Officials have no information on the real name of Oat or the address in Bangkok. The suspect was simply ordered to drop it off at a specified location when he arrived in Bangkok.

The investigation police are working to search for other members connected to the Yaba found. This case was definitely unexpected because a government official should be the last person involved in smuggling drugs across the country into the capital city of Thailand.

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