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People ‘fall from plane leaving Kabul

A number of stowaways appear to have fallen to a horrific death from an aircraft evacuating Kabul.

Footage showed countless people jumping aboard the outside of a US Air Force plane seemingly trying to take off from a runway in the Afghan capital.

Now new images and video footage seem to suggest that at least two people have fallen from the sky and hit the ground below.

It has not been confirmed whether the two incidents are linked or if the US Air Force craft was in fact landing when people jumped on to its side.

But an Apache helicopter was seen attempting to clear the runway – flooded with locals desperately trying to escape the carnage – for the American plane, which might suggest it was taking off.

From the ground, has also seen a graphic image apparently depicting the remains of one of the bodies which fell from a plane.

It comes after desperate scenes on the civilian side of the airport, where at least five people are feared to have died in other efforts to flee the Taliban, who have taken over the country.

A Kabul news agency reported: ‘BREAKING NEWS – Locals near Kabul airport claim that three young men who were holding themselves tightly in the wheels of an aeroplane fell on top of people’s houses.

‘One of the locals confirmed this and said that the fall of these people made a loud and terrifying noise.’

There has been pandemonium in the Afghan capital, with countries across the globe evacuating their nationals and civilians desperately attempting to flee.

But the speed of the Taliban’s advance has taken many by surprise, leaving thousands rushing desperately to escape.

The militant Islamist group ruled Afghanistan from 1996 to 2001 with a harsh form of Islamic law, which largely confined women to their homes and saw suspected criminals face amputation or public execution.

The Taliban have sought to project greater moderation in recent years, but many Afghans remain sceptical and fear a rollback of individual rights gained in recent years.

That has led to massive overcrowding at the airport in Kabul, where civilian flights have now been halted but military airlifts were still ongoing earlier.

Britain was among a number of countries to spend decades fighting in Afghanistan – with many soldiers now suggesting the sacrifice was in vain.


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