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People Are Loving Jamie Foxx’s New Superhero Movie On Netflix

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Netflix has dropped a new sci-fi superhero movie called Project Power and fans can’t get enough of it:

The film, which was released on Friday (14 August), stars Jamie Foxx, Dominique Fishback, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

Project Power focuses on a drug dealer (Fishback), police officer (Gordon-Levitt) and former soldier (Foxx) that team up to stop the distribution of a pill that gives the user superpowers for five minutes.

Foxx is attempting to rescue his daughter Tracy (Kyanna Simone Simpson) from the forces behind the newly-developed drug.

Reacting to the film, one fan wrote: “Just finished watching #ProjectPower and man, this film ROCKED!!” Another added: “Project Power is a top tier film.”

Some are already requesting a sequel. With one fan taking to Twitter, saying: “Project Power was superb. Nice one @NetflixUK when’s the sequel out?!?!?” Someone else commented: “Project Power is a proper movie. They can pull a sequel if they really want to.”

Another fan of the film wrote: “Guys, I just watched #ProjectPower on @netflix and I recommend. I am a big superhero fan and I enjoyed the representation of different types of powers. I wonder if they will do a sequel? #ProjectPowerNetflix”.

Project Power was written by Matt Tomlin and directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Tomlin talked about his writing process.

He explained: “I knew there was this thing with the pill. That was kind of the first bit for me. You don’t get to choose your power. There was something that felt really electric, really palpable about that. The time thing came a little bit later. For awhile it was, ‘you take this pill and that’s it? But OK, how long does that last?’ If it lasts an hour, OK that’s a certain kind of movie – but when I started thinking about the real obstacles that characters would have to go through, it became this thing of, ‘The shorter this lasts, the more fun.'”

Project Power is out on Netflix now.


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