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Pattaya Thais are still complaining about foreigners

Pattaya Thais

Thai people in Pattaya claim they are now in fear for their lives as those pesky foreigners insist on going out into the sunshine without wearing a face-mask.

Thai news site 77koaded has this weekend reported many foreigners in Pattaya are still walking around, out in the open air, in such a carefree manner.

Their local reporter claims that the owner of a coffee shop told him that he and his staff were living in fear after serving Foreigners who were not wearing masks.

The same reporter might have asked the man if he was so concerned, had he not closed up his coffee shop and gone into self-isolation.

Although I think we know the answer to that question.

Another interesting question would be how he advises customers, foreign or otherwise, to drink their coffee with a face-mask on.

We can assure this troubled genius that he need not worry for much longer, as soon he will have no customers at all to complain to the local media about.

This report comes on the day Pattaya business leaders warn that the sea-side resort now faces 80% closure for at least a year.

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