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Pattaya Temple smashed up byAustralian Tourist

The man was eventually taken to the hospital, but police officers described him as extremely uncooperative.

On Friday morning, August 11th, an Australian tourist, apparently under the influence of cannabis, wrecked havoc at the Wai Chai temple in South Pattaya.

The serene morning ambiance for the monks at Wat Chai was disrupted today when an Australian man entered the local temple and began destroying the place’s priceless goods with his bare hands for no apparent religious purpose.

Wat Chai, formally known as Wat Chai Mongkol Royal Monastery, is located in South Pattaya, Banglamung district, and was full of monks at 6:20 AM, when the Australian male, Mr. Jason Bradley Scott, 55, arrived on a taxi motorcycle and snuck into a chapel and wrecked havoc on the temple property, including breaking ivory tusks.

Phra Maha Watajak, a monk, ran to the chapel upon hearing the disturbance, just in time to see Mr. Jason escape the room on foot. However, in his haste, he slipped while descending the stairs and fell to the ground, suffering minor injuries that prevented him from escaping.

PHOTO: รักสยาม นิวส์

When the temple disciples saw Mr. Jason’s predicament, they decided to contact the police and rescue services for assistance.

However, while police and rescuers were attempting to load the foreigner into an ambulance, he allegedly refused to comply and began verbally insulting the rescue team, making a disturbance in the tranquil temple area.

The man was eventually taken to the hospital, but police officers described him as extremely uncooperative.

Concerning the temple damage, Phra Maha Watajak stated that he will send a representative to submit a report to the police in order to take legal action against the culprit.

Meanwhile, local media reported that the man was possibly under the influence of cannabis; nevertheless, police stated that they are still unsure and will conduct an additional investigation.

It should be noted that, unlike some Thai media allegations, there was no drug test or concrete evidence that the man was under the influence of cannabis.

credit TPN & PHOTO: รักสยาม นิวส์

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