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Pattaya faces 80% closure for up to a year


A grim picture has been painted of what will happen to Pattaya from the devasting effects from the coronavirus.

Speaking to 777kaoded the industry leader claims that there are now zero tourists in Pattaya. Up until now, there have been a few remaining Russian tourists scattered around.

However with the change in health certificate requirements meaning that tourists in Pattaya now need a 100.000 Dollars insurance policy have made the few remaining tourists to leave.

He went on to say that 80% of the tourism in Pattaya will face temporary or permanent closure.

The aftermath of this outbreak will be felt for at least 10 to 12 months or could be longer.

He now predicts sell-offs to foreign business interest without explaining who he thinks might consider into a market without customers.

He said that the nature of the tourist industry with its great labour intensity needs meant that it was particularly badly hit as workers needed salaries and employers needed to keep up social security payments.

Tourism industry leaders had met with Pattaya mayor Sontaya Khunpluem to outline a six-point plan to present to the government to help businesses from going under.

This included help in paying up to 70% of wages to workers for 180 days, deferring social security payments for six months, help with tax and interest payments, assistance in paying electric and water bills and the cost of cleaning products.

However, their time may be better spent planning for the inevitable crime wave.

Thanet recognized that measures taken by the government in shutting down much of the life of the country were important and accepted by those in industry


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