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Pattaya residents are concerned about a poorly lit construction site

A poorly-lit building site near an unfinished football stadium has many Pattaya residents anxious. 

Local neighbors near the construction site told The Pattaya News that there were no lights, appropriate barriers, or fluorescent traffic signs on the road leading to the unfinished Pattaya football stadium. They expressed concern to The Pattaya News that some individuals driving at night would overlook the construction holes and fall into them because the road was also poorly illuminated. 

Residents, on the other hand, requested that their names be hidden because they were concerned about the potential consequences of their concerns. Pattaya News reporters went to investigate the area and found it to be heavily excavated on both sides of the road. For a distance of around 2-3 kilometers, the road surface had also been lifted to a higher level of about 50 centimeters.

Deep trenches with dangerously erect pointed iron rods had been created along the road to lay drainage pipes. Caution signs were intermittently placed, but because they were non-fluorescent, they became completely invisible after nightfall, considerably increasing the danger of accidents. There were no signs of protective barricades or workers directing traffic away from the construction zone. 

Residents of Pattaya in the region begged with appropriate officials to install at least some lights and barricades on the construction site. 

They also stated that the contractor should complete the job as quickly as possible in order to restore normal traffic flow in the area.

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