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Citing an alleged condominium problem, a woman slashes a Pattaya beautician’s face with scissors.

Another Thai woman stabbed a Thai beautician in the face with scissors at her Pattaya beauty salon.

Mrs. Arporn Permpool, 59, phoned Pattaya Police yesterday evening, April 9th, after she was attacked by a woman only known as Buam, 48.

Mrs. Arporn told Pattaya police that the attack happened at her beauty business in Central Pattaya. Buam, whom she had only known for a few months, allegedly attacked her salon and struck her in the face with a cell phone while she was working, forcing her to collide with a customer.

Buam ripped her hair and then used a pair of scissors to stab Arporn in the face when Arporn asked why she was doing this. Mrs. Arporn attempted to fight back before a salon customer intervened and separated Buam from her. Buam then fled the shop and was still at large as of press time. Arporn suffered many facial injuries and sought medical attention inside her salon, but none were life-threatening, and she was able to speak to the press and authorities.

Mrs. Arporn told The Pattaya Police that the suspect was upset with her because she allegedly refused to drop everything and instantly resolve certain hidden condominium concerns for the suspect.

Arporn, on the other hand, reasoned that she was too preoccupied with her customers at the beauty salon to address the situation or leave her job right away. Pattaya Police are inspecting the beauty shop’s CCTV cameras. They would later call the suspect and victim for further questioning. It was unclear whether Arporn was Buam’s landlord or if the two were partners in a condo business, with police noting that they will look into the matter further.

Pattaya police are also questioning other unnamed customers who were in the shop at the time of the incident, including the one who helped force the two women apart.

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