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A late night sex den has been found in South Pattaya

A late night sex den has been found in South Pattaya

Recent reports from locals have promoted police to investigate an area in South Pattaya in which they believe is being used by gay men as a midnight sex den.

Several reports have been made regarding the area, which is located up on Pratumnak Hill, but also know as Sor Tor Lor. Police finally decided to act once pictures started appearing online showing lots of used condoms scattered all over the floor and in the bushes.

One comment from the facebook post read: “What a mess. This is Pratumnak Hill tourist area, Pattaya. It has become an outdoor sex location for gays at night”.

The area is hugely popular with many locals and tourists because of the nice views it offers over Pattaya, but also for it’s exercise facilities. Joggers and walkers looking to keep fit can often be found in and around the area and there are also a few weigh stations too.

Recently however, there seems to be an increasing number of homosexual men appearing in the area, especially at night. Many locals turned a blind eye at first, thinking that they had come to exercise just like everyone else however, it is now clear for all to see that they were coming for a slightly different form of exercise.

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