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Friday, 10 January 2020
Our Featured Speaker is . . .
Tom Coulter
Operations Head of the Pattaya Foreign Police Volunteers
What are the Foreign Police Volunteers? How Do They Operate, and How Can You Join?
Tom is one of the most compelling guest speakers at PEC to update us on law enforcement with practical insights into how both the police and foreign police volunteers work.

Contact: [email protected]
– – – –

Meeting Manager
Dan Schwartz
– – – –
Club News, and Notices
Niels Colov
– – – –
Open Mic Forum – Q&A Feature
Steve Kendall
– – – –

PEC Meeting Managers
Jahir Khan, Bob Donald,
Peter Anders and Dan Schwartz
Plan the meetings and link the program announcements.
– – – –

Information on recent
‘Principal Speakers’
at our Friday Meetings
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Want to learn more about MEDITATION?
A local group will meet Sunday 12 January 1.00 – 3.00pm
Holiday Inn (Pattaya) Executive Tower, 4th Floor
0824109363 – 0865756210
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And… Friday, 17 January 2020
Our Featured Speaker is . . .
Dan Schwartz
Author, Investor, Business Owner,
PEC Board Member, Programme Manager and Meeting Manager

What is a Retail Trade Exchange (Barter) and How Can I Benefit?

What is Barter? How does it work? Where do they operate? How can I Benefit? Come along and listen to Dan explain Retail Trade Exchanges (Barter) and how they actually work. Dan with his business partner Ron Cartey own one of the Master Franchises for BIZpaye and he will share first hand how it all works and most importantly how our members can benefit.

Dan lives in Thailand and is the Chairman and CEO of 3T Network out of Singapore, a financial education and business advisory company, an owner of a BIZpaye Master Franchise, speaker, author and investor and an integral part of our PEC team from production work on Fridays to running the speaker schedule and helping out wherever he can.

Contact: [email protected]    [email protected]
– – – –

Mercure Hotel
Doors open 10:00am
* * * *

NEWS: PEC is planning to produce ‘in-house’ video of our meetings, plus an Interview with the weekly Speaker.
We are looking for a few 
enthusiasts who could record, edit and post to YouTube the final segments.
Please contact any of our staff at a Meeting.
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