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Big Joke knows who shot his car, relates to biometric system

biometric system

Big Joke knows who shot his car, relates to biometric system

Former Immigration Police Chief Lieutenant General Surachet Hakpal or nickname “Big Joke” stated to the media that he knows who shot his car, someone with power who is brave enough to do so.

He now holds the position as a special advisor to the Prime Minister’s Office. Big Joke was not in the car when his white Lexus was shot 8 times on 6 January 2020.

Big Joke was released from his position as the Immigration Police Chief on 9 April 2019 and stepped into the position of special advisor.

Big Joke was having a Thai massage when his car was shot. He states “As soon as my car has shot the masseuse was shocked but I didn’t react.

I knew that this was going to happen, it was only a matter of time. I might’ve been too relaxed about it and drove alone as usual as I went along with my normal life”.

Big Joke revealed: “I’m not a businessman, I was a policeman. I do investigative work, I know who wants to hurt me. From my position as police chief, there were 2 main issues.

The first is the Genius Project that involved a BMW and 900 Million THB. The other is the installment of the Biometric system project that involved 2 Billion THB.

When I came into the position I saw that the project could not be delivered as promised, this is the people’s tax.”

When asked if he believed the person who shot his car would be caught. Big Joke stated, “I believe in the police, like how I showed the people to believe in the police”.

When asked why would the shooter drive a Mercedes to commit the crime Big Joke commented “The alley was lined with massage shops and big restaurants where many famous people visited.

If we look at it another way may be an old car coming in would raise more suspicions. A nice car is more like it, something that seems normal in the alley”.

As for the future, Big Joke admits that he wants to return to working as a policeman when the time is right.


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