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Young Motorbike Gang held by Police

A gang of youths have been held by Pattaya police in latest crackdown

On the night of February 3rd, Pattaya police made their way down to Jomtien 2nd Road, to investigate reports of a gang of Thai youth’s causing problems for locals.

Arriving at the scene, police found a gang of around 20 youngsters, mostly males, but there were a few females present too. They were driving around on their “suped-up”  motorbikes making a lot of noise and causing problems for traffic also.

This latest reports came after a long line of previous complaints from other locals all over the Pattaya area. There have also been an increased number of fatal accidents recently involving these type of gangs and motorbikes.

Pattaya police have been trying to crack down on these gangs for some time now, so progress like this will hopefully send a message out to the rest of them.

Police held the gang for a prolonged period of time whilst they checked all of their ID’s, and bike registrations. To no surprise to anyone, not all of the papers checked were above board, and a few of the motorbikes were seized, as well as some other possessions.

Many people took to social media to ask where they parents of the kids were. One comment in particular asked why they were still up causing problems well into the early hours, when they should be at home, sleeping, and ready for school the next day. The obvious response of course, they don’t bother going to school.

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