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One love is not enough for the 44-year-old

One love is not enough for the 44-year-old

Gitte Von G has been happily married for decades, but she now believes she is “too hot” to be monogamous. At 44, after years of perfecting her appearance, Gitte feels that one love is not enough for her. She and her husband, whom she met 20 years ago, are in an open marriage, and he is quite enthusiastic about it, describing their modern love as a “blast.”

In an interview with NeedToKnow, Gitte, a model, admitted that she doesn’t believe in monogamy. She discussed removing the taboo around open marriages, highlighting the “amazing things” that come with having sex with other people. She acknowledged that her looks have played a significant role in their decision to open their marriage. “I’m just too hot to be monogamous, and my husband understands this,” she said.

Gitte spoke about the mutual joy that their open marriage brings both her and her husband, Mr. Von G. “The funny thing is, we both get excited knowing that our partner is having sex with other people,” she added. “My sexual activity has exploded in the process – in a very good way.”

Confident that her appearance attracts other men, Gitte revealed she has had three casual relationships outside her marriage, emphasizing that it’s “just about sex.” She previously made headlines for spending £20,000 on body transformation to have the “biggest breasts in Denmark.”

While reserving romance for her husband, Gitte enjoys the best of both worlds—being with a partner while having fun and naughty sex with others, which she describes as “amazing.” The couple shares details of their “hot” encounters with each other afterward.

Though she never imagined being in an open relationship when she was younger, Gitte has always been curious about how it could work. Their open marriage began while swinging with other couples before things “naturally evolved” to the next level.

Gitte believes that people would be happier if they abandoned the idea of monogamy due to the “amount of freedom and trust you give each other.” However, she understands that such a decision requires good dialogue and a heavy amount of trust. “Of course, when you make decisions like that, it obviously requires some good dialogue and a heavy amount of trust,” she concluded.

FRONT PHOTO Mrs Von G has spent £20,000 on improving her appearance 

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