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Girlfriend Who Was Allegedly Crashed Into By A Foreign Motorcyclist

According to the woman’s boyfriend, a male foreigner who purportedly hit a Thai woman with his motorcycle in Sri Racha, gravely hurting her, has not yet admitted guilt.

CCTV footage from Paradise Hill 1 Village captured Ms. Kotchakon Khetkhunthod traveling on her green and blue Honda motorcycle to a convenience store when Mr. Thomas V., a foreigner of unknown nationality who appeared to pass out while operating a motorcycle, veered off his lane and struck Ms. Kotchakon’s vehicle.

A shattered arm, torn muscles, and severed tendons were just a few of the terrible wounds Ms. Kotchakon, 32, sustained. Both parties, along with Mr. Thomas, who had also sustained injuries, were transferred to a nearby hospital for care.

The Pattaya News was informed by Mr. Songklot Himachai, Ms. Kotchakon’s boyfriend, that his girlfriend had left their home on April 17 at 8 PM to go grocery shopping.Ms. Kotchakon was gravely hurt when he arrived on the scene. He subsequently filed a police report about the occurrence in Nong Prue and provided information for a local hospital’s further inquiry.But Mr. Thomas, 48, reportedly vanished following the incident for an unknown reason.

Mr. Songklot had learnt from the locals that Mr. Thomas had a history of frequent alcohol consumption and several mishaps. He asked the foreigner to confess and accept full accountability for hurting his girlfriend, including financial accountability.

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