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Moto-taxi driver in Pattaya who allegedly threatened passenger with a knife was detained.

A Thai motorcycle taxi driver who allegedly brandished a knife in an effort to intimidate foreign customers over a fare dispute was detained by Pattaya Police yesterday.

A man who looked to be brandishing a knife at foreign visitors on Pattaya Second Road close to Soi 6/1 was reported to police Tuesday, April 13, around early evening.

The man, who looked to be around his mid-fifties or sixties, was dressed in a unique orange motorcycle taxi outfit. The shocking attempt to use a knife to attack two unnamed foreign males was caught on camera by onlookers on the street. A tape reveals that numerous individuals, both Thai and international, attempted to stop him.

The culprit, Mr. Worapol Naroj, was swiftly detained by Pattaya Police following a thorough investigation following the receipt of a report. Near the Pattaya Night Bazaar, the suspect is a motorbike taxi driver. The passengers allegedly initially agreed on a cost of 80 baht per person, but the driver told the police that they sought to negotiate a fare reduction to 40 baht per person. In order to transport the two foreigners to Soi 6, the suspect claimed to have picked them up from Central Beach Mall.

As of publication, the foreigners are yet unidentified.Alessandro Somsaen, a 31-year-old eyewitness, was next questioned by police. He claimed that as he was taking in Songkran festivities close to the road, a brawl broke out between the suspect and foreigners. The culprit chased the visitors and made several stabbing attempts. Fortunately, lots of others stepped in to stop the brawl and support the foreigners. A short while later, the suspect was apprehended after fleeing.

The police are taking legal action against the suspect, which they say will also jeopardize his ability to keep his license and drive a motorcycle taxi.

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