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Mother gives spoiled son 300,000 to “grow up”

Mother gives spoiled son 300,000 to “grow up”

A 20 year old Thai man has been forced to bow to his mother’s feet after she gave him 300,000 to grow up and stop causing trouble.

The spoiled Thai man has hit the headlines in the past for causing necessary problems and criminal damage in and around his hometown after not getting his own way.

Most notably, earlier in the year when his mother refused to buy him a brand new motorbike, he wandered off in a strop before deciding to take his frustration out on not 1, not 2, but 13 cars in his neighborhood belonging to others.

His mama is a top official in the Sisaket civil service but her son has definitely gone astray after landing himself in hot water with the law on numerous occasions, only for his mother to cough up the bail for his release.

The mother finally had enough of her son’s antics and decided to drag him down to the local police station, not for punishment, but to hand over a tidy 300,000 Baht in front of the police as witness, in an attempt to get her son to behave.


The son told his mother in front of police that he intends to use the money wisely by paying for further education at university and continue his training as a boxer.

He also intends to buy himself a little treat in the way of a camera too.

The mother, not fully convinced after the numerous times in the past her son has gone against his word, said that this would be the last payment and that she would disown him should he land himself in more trouble.

Source: Daily News

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