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Girl gets severe nose infection from a cheap nose job

Girl gets severe nose infection from a cheap nose job

Girl gets severe nose infection from a cheap nose job

This girl in this story had her nose infected from a cheap nose job, the infection got so bad that it pierced through the top of her nose. It’s a good warning to all those out there who are interested in getting plastic surgery to be extremely careful in choosing your doctor and the clinic.


The story was shared by Facebook Page @Abeautifulspy.Th about a girl who decided to have her first nose job when she saw a nose job promotion. Turns out, a few days after the surgery the girl became extremely sick and her nose started to turn green.


The girl agreed to get a nose job at the price of 9,999 THB as advertised. The clinic is located on Phaholyothin Road. Everything seemed fine before and right after the surgery, but when the girl arrived home she started to feel sick at night with a fever. After 2 days, She started to vomit along with a headache.

Her nose also seemed to be turning green, then on the 3rd day, it became purple. She decided to remove the bandage on the 4th day and discovered that there was pus coming out of the end of her nose. When she called the sales person that sold her the nose job deal, the sales told her to wait 3 more days because it has not been a week since the surgery was done.


The girl’s boyfriend was not ok with the answer they received so they decided to return to the clinic. After the doctor saw the condition of her nose, the doctor told her it was infected. The silicone would need to be removed and she had to wait at least 3 months before she could have a 2nd nose job.

The sales wouldn’t give her money back but instead offered to give her multiple nose jobs until she was happy with the results, but the girl will have to be responsible for the medical costs. The girl was also informed that after the silicone was removed, her nose would not return back to the pre-nose job condition.


The girl decided to have the silicone removed, 7 days later the purple spot on her nose started to peel off, revealing the inside of her nose. The girl cannot leave the house without wearing a mask to cover her nose. Hopefully, this is a lesson to always do careful research before deciding on choosing a clinic and doctor for plastic surgery, as it can make you prettier or totally destroy your looks.

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