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MMA Fighter Ali Heibati Banned for Ring Girl Attack

MMA Fighter Ali Heibati Banned for Ring Girl Attack

MMA fighter Ali Heibati has been handed a lifetime ban following an unprovoked attack on a ring girl just before a match. He was participating in the Hard Fighting Championship event against Arkady Osipyan in Moscow during the Hardcore MMA tournament.

As the first round was set to begin, the ring girl, Maria, entered the cage to signal the start. Without warning, Heibati kicked out at her as she turned to leave. The referee immediately intervened and reprimanded Heibati.

Despite the incident, the fight proceeded, with Osipyan quickly dispatching an evidently distracted Heibati. Osipyan secured a victory with a knockout in the first round, less than 30 seconds before its conclusion.

After the match, as Osipyan was celebrating with his team, Heibati inexplicably attacked him from behind before being pulled away. To everyone’s surprise, Heibati remained in the cage for the official result announcement.

Still visibly upset, Heibati later attempted to kick a commentator before offering an apology on social media to Maria.

In his post, Heibati explained his actions as a result of pre-fight tension and apologized for his behavior towards Maria, emphasizing his respect for women. Despite his apology, the Hard Fighting Championship opted for a lifetime ban, emphasizing zero tolerance for such behavior.

Heibati, who has previously competed in boxing and kickboxing, made his professional MMA debut in this tournament according to Tapology.

Credit: Fox Sports Australia

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