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F1 2026 Regulations: Lewis Hamilton Warns of ‘Slow’ Cars

F1 2026 Regs: Hamilton Warns of 'Slow' Cars

The FIA unveiled the regulations guiding the design of the 2026 Formula 1 cars, aiming to foster closer racing by downsizing current models. However, drivers, including Lewis Hamilton, raised concerns over the implications.

Hamilton, set to drive for Ferrari under the new rules, emphasized the need for efficiency, speed, and improved racing. He cited feedback from fellow drivers who found the 2026 cars slower during simulations, prompting uncertainty about the direction the sport is taking.

Alex Albon of Williams voiced his apprehension, predicting significantly reduced speeds and emphasizing the complexity of adapting to the new engine regulations. Meanwhile, Fernando Alonso of Aston Martin stressed the importance of close competition, hoping the changes would enhance the sport’s competitive landscape.

While regulations changes historically lead to dominant cars initially, they eventually pave the way for tighter competition. However, there’s a risk of teams spreading out due to the complexity of new rules, as highlighted by McLaren’s Oscar Piastri.

The F1 community eagerly anticipates how the 2026 regulations will shape the future of the sport, balancing innovation with the essence of racing. Amid concerns and uncertainties, drivers and fans await the new era of Formula 1.

Credit: Sky Sports

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