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Melbourne Police Hand Out $26,000 Worth Of Fines To People Attending Kid’s Birthday Party

Melbourne Police

Victorian police have been shocked and appalled at people who attended a child’s birthday party during the coronavirus pandemic.

A concerned local explained to officers that there was a kid’s eighth birthday party happening in Beaumaris, in Melbourne’s south-east over the weekend.

Channel 9 aired footage of children and parents gathered together, clearly in contravention of social distancing laws and advice to keep more than 1.5 metres distance from others.

Sixteen people were fined when police rocked up to the property.
Each person who was fined will have to cough up $1,652 each, meaning that birthday party has cost people more than $26,000.

No excuse has been given as to why all these people decided to break rank with everyone else to allow an eight-year-old to celebrate their birthday.

No doubt they’ll be thinking twice the next time an invitation comes in the mail.

But police have been dealing with circumstances like this for the past few weeks as Australians get used to the social distancing rules.

One Sydney motorist has shocked people on social media for his excuse and attitude to being caught outside his him without a valid excuse.

A 45-year-old man was asked to pull over while driving a McLaren 650S, which casually retails for around $265,000, according to the Daily Mail.

King Cross Area Command Police said when they asked him where he was going, the driver said he was going to Wolloomooloo for petrol with a friend, despite living 30 kilometres away in Fairfield.

The man told cops that driving was a form of exercise, however they weren’t buying it.

They gave him and his 60-year-old passenger an on-the-spot fine of $1,000 each.

Police say the man responded to the fine by saying: “Do what you want mate, I don’t care. This $1,000 fine won’t hurt with my $15 million.”

I don’t think we could eye roll any harder at a statement like that.

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