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Night Wish has extended free food days and are giving away 1000 meals per day: Bryan Flowers

Night Wish

Due to the sheer amount of donations received by Nature Bar in soi 6, Night Wish have decided to extend their generosity by extending the days that they are giving away food to the needy – That is the lasted new from the Night Wish owner Bryan Flowers.

Instead of the 8 days that were first planned, they will now be giving food away for 11 days in total. As far as I have been told Nature Bar will be giving away food till at least the 28th, but who knows, that could also be extended.. Watch this Space.

The initial meals per day were 500, however, they have upped this to an impressive 1000 meals per day every day.

Bryan has sent his thanks to the many managers and the girls that have helped out so far with many of them are at the bar helping with arrangements from 8 am and other getting to the bar to help out at 10 am.

If you do know anyone that is in need, or you are less able yourself, I would advise getting to Nature Bar early as they start handing out the food at 1 pm and normally it has all gone by 2 pm. That is very impressive.

Bryan is now thinking about handing out food packs soon that will include dry food and cans as many people have preferred the dry food and cans, plus it saves time also.

Again, special thanks to all the people that have donated, no one expected all the donations and it is really helping everyone that turns up and making sure everyone gets fed.

Again this carries on from my story I did yesterday and shows just how many genuine and heartfelt people we have in our community when things get tough.

Wednesday I will be at Soi Chaiyapoon and then Thursday I will be at Nature bar to help out where I can.

I have spoken to Bryan today and he normally gets to Nature bar around 12:30 to also help out, so anyone that wants to come help and donate can so at any time.

As always, please stay safe during this time and please wear your masks

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