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Meet Elie Iskandar

Elie Iskandar

Meet Elie Iskandar

You might’ve heard one of many voices on your way to work, or spotted one of his impressions videos going around on social media

Be it on Instagram: @ElieIskandar On facebook @ElieIskandarVo Or on TikTok @Elie_Iskandar_Voices
Elie has made a household name for himself in the field of advertising, as both having his voice heard on multiple brands such as: McDonald’s, KFC, Ford, Nissan, Dodge, Mercedes, Snickers, Heinz among hundreds of others.

As well as being a creative professional and partner at the award winning Creative production agency Nudge (Thenudgetheory) based in Dubai.

Elie discovered his many talents early on in his life, at the age of 3, his parents observed his sculpting skills when he transformed the play d’oh they had gotten him into recognizable miniature human figurines.

Through their encouragement, he ended up on television at the age of 10, showcasing his hundreds of miniature clay sculptures on a highly rated morning show, prompting a PR agency to sponsor his work for a local popular art exhibit, which sold enough of his creations for him to end up buying his first computer, where his illustration and animation path began from scratch, and where he would use this platform as a voice testing range, where he would give different characters he drew, different voices.

By the age of 16 Elie had been working on his “ movie trailer voice “ where he emailed one of Hollywood’s most prominent voice actors his impression of him as a way to pay respect and ask for advice,

Luckily enough the voice giant responded by encouraging Elie stating “ you have the pipes to make it in this industry” and Elie’s voice over career was launched.

Starting with promos and station ids for radio stations in the USA from his bedroom at his parent’s apartment back in Beirut (earning just enough to buy professional recording gear) , to recording from multiple studios to multiple clients on an almost daily basis.

What started as a hobby turned into a career, with hundreds of ads under his belt, Elie is now one of the most recognized voice actors in the industry.

Elie continues to enjoy creating comedy and impression voices though his tight schedule rarely permits it, and is looking forward to a lifelong career in this industry.


Pattaya One and thank him for his talent 🙂 and wish him all the best 🙂

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